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Appliance Repair in Oxnard CA - (805) 209-0115

Never leave your appliance repair in the hands of an under qualified individual. Even some 'established' service providers in Oxnard CA have been known to provide problematic services.

If you get an appliance repair in Oxnard CA and it actually makes your appliance worse, you are out a lot of money. You should trust the most-skilled Oxnard CA appliance repair specialists only; with endless years of experience and countless clients getting appliance repair in Oxnard CA from us, we are happy to be one of the few you can safely trust.

If your appliance is giving you issues -- just give us a call, we will find the problematic appliance parts and price out the replacement. No repair is too difficult and we have access to a deep inventory of appliance parts in Oxnard CA through our local partners. Once you set up an appointment with one of our appliance repair techs, we will look over your appliance and figure out the best way to resolve the problem.

You don't have to commit to the repair, but if you do we will respectfully erase the diagnostics charge and discount $10 off your first repair with us. That's just our way of showing confidence in our own services; although, the feedback from our previous clients should speak volumes for our reputation as a Oxnard appliance repair company.

Whenever you have a problem, no matter what's wrong with your appliance, get in touch with us and we will send one of our specialists out to diagnose your issue. We are able to travel out and find the reason behind your appliance problems from the comfort of your Oxnard CA home, erasing some of the inconvenience your appliance troubles had caused you.

Customer testimonials, reviews and feedback

It's not every day that I find myself looking in the phone book for an appliance repair company. But I did just that last weekend and it turned into a complete disaster. My Whirlpool dishwasher door kept opening while it was running. This caused leaks as the machine wouldn't even stop once the door was open. We ended up getting a latch stiffener installed by a different repair company. You guys fixed the root of the issue after his fix failed to hold up just three days later. 20+ test loads later and things are still working fine. Thank you!

Veronica B.
Oxnard CA

Appliance Brands We Service

Oxnard Appliance Repair Specialists services all major brands of household appliances:

Admiral, AGA, Amana, American Range, Askona, Bertazzoni, Best, Blomberg, Bosch, Broan, Capital, Carrier, Coldspot, Dacor, Danby, DCS, InSinkErator, Electrolux, Elmira Stove Works, Emerson, Fedders, Fisher & Paykel, Five Star, Friedrich, Frigidaire, GE, Gemline, Gladiator, Goldstar, Heartland, Haier, Heil, Hoshizaki, Hotpoint, ILVE, Jenn Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Koolatron, Krups, La Cornue, Lennox, LG, Magic Chef, Marvel, Maytag, Miele, Modern Maid, Monogram, Neptune, Northstar, Nutone, Oster, Panasonic, Payne, Perlick, Premier, RCA, Rheem, Roper, Ruud, Samsung, Sanyo, Scotsman, Sears, Serv-Ware, Sharp, Signature, Speed Queen, Sub-Zero, Summit, Thermador, Tec, Trade-Wind, True, U-Line, Vent-A-Hood, Verona Range, Viking, Vinotemp, Waste King, Whirlpool, Westinghouse, XO, Zephyr

ZIP Codes We Service

Oxnard, CA

93030, 93031, 93032, 93033, 93034, 93035, 93036

Most Popular Appliances We Service

Refrigerator repair in Oxnard CA

Problems with your fridge?

Most refrigerator repair tasks involve digging deep inside the appliance. Don't attempt any repairs yourself unless you have the tools and experience. If it's a minor issue, you could get away with doing a little maintenance work instead of having to buy and replace any refrigerator parts.

For example, a fan could get clogged and prevent heat from getting pushed out of the unit properly -- clean it out and everything should work perfectly again. Any serious problem are best left with a professional that offers refrigerator repair in Oxnard CA. That way you can rest easy knowing the problem will actually get figured out and you won't have to worry about trying to repair the fridge again later on down the road.

If you aren't sure who to call, we are proud to be one of the most-recognized companies offering refrigerator repair in Oxnard CA. Give us a chance and have one of our Oxnard CA based experts identify why your refrigerator isn't working right. Then we can get an estimate for the refrigerator parts you need and write out a quote for you.

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Washer repair in Oxnard CA

Getting your washing machine fixed is no easy task, especially if you don't know who to call.

One wrong move and the entire machine could need replaced. If you need a washer repair in Oxnard CA from a company or service provider you can trust, then reach out to us and we'll get your Oxnard washer repair started. This begins with the initial call, where we get a general idea on what's going on with your washing machine.

Then we can have a washer repair expert come to examine your appliance from within your location in the Oxnard CA jurisdiction. Our repair guy will look for washer parts that are not working right and write out any that should be replaced to get the appliance functioning well. This comes in the form of a paper estimate, which factors how much you will pay for washer parts and repair labor.

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Dryer repair in Oxnard CA

In previous years, we have offered Oxnard CA residents and business owners the most affordable way to prevent appliance failure.

When it comes to dryer repair, our service standard is no different. We have managed many different types of dryer repair in Oxnard CA. Quite a few of our clients are laundromat owners, property managers, rental property owners, and so on.

Do you know how we come about your dryer repair quote by any chance? Well, first we get one of our repairmen to go to your Oxnard CA location to eye out the damaged or defective appliance. Then we have a feel for what's wrong and how we can fix it; once we know what to do, we will be aware of the dryer parts that are needed. This makes it easy to quote you a price at we now have the cost of the dryer parts and or labor to factor in. After the dryer repair is done, we will give you the actual invoice which will mostly differ based on the rate we pay for your dryer parts in Oxnard CA.

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Dishwasher repair in Oxnard CA

What's going on with your dishwasher?

We have created remedies for all types of problems. Call us and explain what type of issues you are running into with your dishwashing machine and we can help you out.

In our many years providing dishwasher repair in Oxnard CA, we have seen it all. Upon inspection, we will know which dishwasher parts should be changed out with new ones. Then we can add up the cost of getting those dishwasher parts in Oxnard CA and combine it with what we would charge for labor. This will be the total you would pay for your dishwasher repair in Oxnard CA if you pick us for your repair job.

On the flip side, most Oxnard dishwasher repair professionals will bill you for more than just the cost of the labor and the dishwasher parts purchase price. Most dishwasher repair jobs take no more than a few hours from diagnosis to completion. Sometimes we have the replacement parts on-hand, as we carry various common fits to make life easy.

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Freezer repair in Oxnard CA

Do you know how much a freezer repair typically costs?

Most of the time it is not much more than what you need to spend on the replacement freezer parts. In fact, a professional Oxnard freezer repair person should be able to complete the repair in no more than a few hours. The hard part is having to take apart the appliance, as most of the parts that could need replaced are located inside.

However, when you have the experience and all the right tools for the job, it is not that hard to get a freezer fixed up in a short amount of time. Plus we have knowledge on where to shop for freezer parts in Oxnard CA to get the best prices. Our corporate card savings sometimes help out too, and when we get freezer parts cheaper than the average customer we always forward that cutback.

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Oven repair in Oxnard CA

Why is your oven not working right?

One of our Oxnard oven repair experts can help you answer that. Call now to schedule a time to meet with one of our Oxnard CA situated repair technicians today. We can travel out to your workplace or house and diagnose the issue, price out a fix, and ideally complete your oven repair for you.

Upon arrival, our repair guy will go through the process of elimination to determine which oven parts could be causing your oven to have performance issues. Meanwhile, we will make sure to look for any signs that other oven parts are wearing out and then give you advice on how to proceed. Most clients that come to us for an oven repair in Oxnard CA will be pleased with what they end up having to pay.

Since we only bill for parts and labor, few companies and independent contractors can beat our rates. Those that find our service too pricey are usually facing extensive repair issues, and they often have to face the fact that replacing their appliance might be more sensible. However, if it's a one-off oven repair service and your oven is not very old, you should definitely hire a Oxnard CA based professional repair service provider to assist you.

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Range/Stove repair in Oxnard CA

Want to know how to begin seeking out a range repair in Oxnard CA?

The first thing you must do is locate the issue-causing stove parts that need taken out to fix the machine. After we know which stove parts are required for your stove repair, we will be able to give you an estimation on how much our Oxnard stove repair specialist will charge you.

This rate quote is usually very accurate as we estimate according to the cost of picking up the stove parts in Oxnard CA and putting them in place of your old, malfunctioning range parts. However, it is not until we actually get your range parts in Oxnard CA that we know how much they will cost.

As a result, the biggest fluctuation in your repair cost will usually be the cost of the replacement parts. We will figure out which need replaced after one of our Oxnard CA range repair guys take a look at your appliance. Then we can proceed and have our Oxnard range repair specialist finish off your stove repair in Oxnard CA as soon as the replacement parts are obtained.

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Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Is your washing machine under recall? Washers have gotten a lot safer in the past decade, so there have only been a handful of recalls in recent years; the vast majority involve Kenmore and LG branded top-loading machines. Many of these recalls were the result of injuries and property damage that came from the machine rocking violently and causing the drum to get loose. If you have a Kenmore or LG top-loading washer that was manufactured in April 2010 or more recently, look on www.Recalls.gov to see if it has been recalled.


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